How We Ride

Your Pace, Your Select Companions.

CyclingHero is your private cycling adventure provider. With our proprietary app as your trusty companion, you’ll have all you need for your ride: detailed climb info, insider tips, and hidden gems along your route. If you ever need assistance we’ve got your back with daily in-person vehicle support.


Pre-trip & Arrival

Rent a bike or bring your own

Road, gravel & e-bikes available for rental.

Airport Transfers

Transfers to and from the airport for you and your bike to your choice of Hotel.

Orientation meeting

We will get you set up with your navigation device and cover any last questions.


Dedicated app with all trip info

Full itinerary and details of each day, all major climbs, POIs. Important tourist sites and great food options for lunch and after you finish your ride.

A personal internet-connected Hammerhead navigation device

Your routes and maps are already preloaded. Notifications and updates sent directly to the bike computer from the CyclingHero app.

Highly curated itineraries with multiple options

Choose your challenge along the ride. From easier to harder we have several ride options of varying difficulty every day.

The CyclingHero support van

Sweeps your route at least 1x per day.

See where support is, support can see you

Track the support van and fellow travellers real time via the mobile app.

Get insider tips along the route

The app will give you a head’s up when there is something interesting along the way.

Safety on trip: we are a call away

Call or text us for trip support, direct link to emergency services.


Drop-off at the airport

We will take you and your bike to airport at the end of the trip.

Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Cycling Adventure

Tell us about your dream tour, and we'll be in touch with our customised recommendations just for you.