Our Story


A rider owned company, we are a collective of cyclists hailing from diverse corners of the globe, bound together by a shared love for cycling and Italy.

CyclingHero materialised with a dream to foster a community aligned with our principles, facilitating cycling enthusiasts to delve into the splendour of the world unfettered by rigid timetables and manufactured encounters.

We provide curated routes, intimate lodging and discreet support enhanced by mobile technology that lets you take control. We empower everyone to become a 'cycling hero' and discover our region's hidden gems and epic climbs in our home we call Italy.

"With CyclingHero we combine technology and intimate local knowledge to allow everyone to explore and challenge themselves by bike."

Bob Rogers
Co-Founder - CyclingHero

The Founders

  • Bob

    Originally from Canada, 30+ years working in the travel industry. Loves to plan challenging rides up serious climbs, but then regrets it. Wears bicycle-themed socks. - Follow me on Strava.

  • Caterina

    Born in Treviso, has a PhD in Biology, and decided to return to Italy after 15 years around the world. Do not eat Hawaiian pizza near her. Never rides in the rain unless Prosecco is involved. - Follow me on Strava.

  • Mark

    Originally from the Netherlands, 20 years as a Fullstack developer. Expert in all things geeky. Rides hard and codes harder. - Follow me on Strava.

  • Puppers

    Over 3 years of experience barking at other cyclists while cycling. Likes to lick your sweaty face on the steepest parts of the climb.

Let Us Help You Create the Perfect Cycling Adventure

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